What is Generino?

Many beginners find very easy to program their Arduino to blink a led, to read a button or to control an actuator. However, they hit a wall as soon as they try to do all those simple actions at the same time.

To do so, they should be implementing an event-driven Finite-State Machine.

A Finite-State Machine (FSM) is a programming technique that allow a single processor to do many things at the same time. However, doing a correct implementation is not an easy task.

Generino is an open-source FSM code generator specifically designed to work with Arduino: yes, it will write the Finite-State Machine implementation for you.

How does it work?

Generino offers an extended syntax that allows expressing directly the FSM concepts.

Code is written within the Generino environment: from that code, Generino creates a .ino project file that can be compiled as usual with the standard Arduino environment.

The Generino instructions deal only with the Finite-State Machines: the remaining code, interfacing with hardware and doing other processing, is the standard Arduino C++: the huge Arduino code library can be used also within Generino.

Ready to try it?

So, go to the quick start page ad try it now!